Granite: Toronto’s First Choice For Countertops

granite torontoGranite: Toronto's Number One Choice For Countertops
Granite is the number one choice for countertops for today's homeowners. Whether you're building or renovating, you'll want to explore the possibility of installing granite countertops in your house. Fortunately, if you live in the Toronto area, there are several fine stone importers and distributors who will welcome you to their showrooms. By making the effort to educate yourself about granite and by seeing the wide array of stone available, you'll ensure that the countertop you choose will be just right for your home.
Points To Consider
  • Colour. Although many people think granite is only available in shades of white, brown, or black, there are in fact many, many different options. With granite from around the world shipped to the GTA, you'll find an amazing range of colours to choose from, including versatile shades of blue, deep reds and light pinks, silvers, greens, and much more. Although most homeowners opt for classic colours, you may also be surprised at the range of options available in those. Slabs of granite catch the light in different ways, and some give a greater feeling of warmth, or depth. Choosing a colour will also depend on the style and décor of the kitchen. Light colours generally look best in more traditional kitchen designs, while darker granite suits modern spaces well. Since granite is incredibly durable, you will never need to replace your countertop – so it's also wise to think about adding resale value by choosing the right stone.
  • Pattern. Granite patterns range from very subtle to uniquely dramatic. (You may hear the terms "consistent” and "variegated” used to describe these.) Small spaces may require minimal patterning, while more spacious kitchens may be suited to bolder designs. Variegated green granite, for example, is renowned for its remarkable depth. Some stone combines two or more colours to create amazing effects. Other patterns are subtle yet elegant; i.e., a white granite veined with silver can create a very impressive effect, even in a smaller kitchen.
  • Finish. There are three major finishes available for granite, although some companies may offer their own custom finishes. The standard finishes are: polished granite, which is glossy and smooth; this is the most common finish. Honed granite is a matte finish that's smooth to the touch and reflects light, although not to the extent of polished granite. Brushed granite is a matte finish achieved with a rotary wire brush. It reflects little light and is textured rather than smooth.
  • Edge Treatment. Edge treatments can also change the appearance of your counter. Choose from the standards: square, rounded square, beveled, or "bull-nose,” which is a heavily rounded option. Most companies also offer customized options that can resemble stone baseboard trim tailor-made for your cupboards.
  • Price. Obviously, you'll want to choose stone that fits within your budget. Exotic types of granite may be more expensive than more conventional stone.
Stone Importers and Distributors in the GTA
Take the time to visit some Toronto-area showrooms with wide varieties of stone. Talk to reputable and experienced stone importers to learn more about granite and other premium alternatives.
Choosing the perfect stone for your home may take some time – but rest easy in the knowledge that your fine granite countertop will last for a lifetime!